Productivity software for meetings.


The idea for Cleartask came from the founders frustration of spending hours every day in meetings, without a proper system for completing post-meeting actions. The aim for Cleartask was to create unique hubs for each meeting, where teams have a shared space for notes and tasks related to each meeting. By having a central hub, teams can share notes and tasks during the meeting, as well as manage all the post-meeting activity through the platform, resulting in a boost of productivity, and ensuring teams get the most out of each and every meeting.


Software Development


May 2023


What they said about our delivery

We have over 10,000 success stories, this is just what one had to say.

“I can honestly say that I was extremely lucky to have met such a professional team and happy to keep working on the project, develop it, and hopefully it becomes an unmatched tool in the market.”

Rakan Al-Alami

Founder, Cleartask


This founders focus was simplicity above all else, and so we wanted to keep the brand in line with this. As such, we focused on an easy to understand name that represented part of the product (tasks), the outcome (clearing tasks), and the ethos of the brand (clear, transparent, calm), coming together as Cleartask. “Clear” as in simple, transparent, clean. Or “Clear” as in empty, nothing left, done.


The symbol for the logo reflects the checkbox used to clear a task as done, whilst ensuring the inside is transparent as to reflect the term “clear”. To add some character to the logo we opted for Darker Grotesque as the font.

Colour Palette

With the brand and products focus on simplicity, we opted for a neutral colour palette, whist adding a pop of light blue to add trust, personality, and liveliness.


With a core feature of the app being note taking, and users consistently reading text, it was important to prioritise a neutral and easy to read font.

Illustrations & Icons

To add some personality to the website we included a range of simple, line drawn illustrations that enhanced our messaging by showcasing the outcome for visitors.



We crafted the copy to focus on the before -> after story our users will experience when using Cleartask. Many users will share the same pains Cleartask is solving, and so it was important to resonate with them, and show them how Cleartask takes them on a journey to better outcomes.


The homepage follows a clear structure that prioritises resonating with the problems users have, showing them how Cleartask helps them, and using large product visuals to demonstrate the simplicity of the product.

Pricing & FAQ

Web Application

With a focus on simplicity it was imperative to bundle a wide range of features into an easy to use experience across the application.



The main dashboard acts as an overarching view of the most important content a user will need access to. The focus here was incorporating meetings, tasks, and notes all on one page without the user feeling overwhelmed. As such we kept the content incredibly high level, that way users can easily scan over the page and interact with the content for a more granular view.


With task management being a core component of the idea, it was vital users had a place to dive into the details of their tasks, both for tasks they’ve been assigned, and tasks they’ve delegated to other team members.


From the dashboard users can open a meeting and start using the dedicated hub for shared notes, tasks, attendance, and private notes.

Organisation Settings

With organisations joining Cleartask it was important to have a central hub for admins where they can manage billing and members.

Account Settings


Cleartask incorporates a range of advanced features, but brings them together into a wonderfully simple user experience. By doing this we’ve ensured users are able to focus on what they want most… making each and every meeting worthwhile, without the clutter and noise.