Asynchronous video interview software.


Haste takes advantage of the new way of working asynchronously, and combines this with a time-consuming activity among early-stage entrepreneurs, by creating a tool that allows people to conduct user interviews asynchronously.


Software Development


March 2022


What they said about our delivery

We have over 10,000 success stories, this is just what one had to say.

“We quickly sold Haste to an agency for £10,000, recuperating almost all of our time & investment, thanks to Silky Studio.”

Morgan Williams

Co-Founder, Haste


When it came to naming the brand we were looking for a simple word that captured the essence of the idea. We landed on the word Haste, meaning “excessive speed or urgency of movement or action; hurry.” Although the idea for Haste was less about being in a hurry, it was about doing things with urgency and speed, as Haste changed the slow way of onboarding users face to face, and instead leverages modern technology to do things asynchronously. As a result, the word Haste was used for the business.


The word Haste is a quirky word, and so we used a querky but simple and recognisable symbol to encapsulate this. The pronged icon illustrates the feedback loop, with each prong acting as an iteration of feedback. Additionally, with this being a B2B tool, we kept the look professional and sleek.

Colour Palette

Again, with the product in the B2B space, we kept the colour palette clean and professional, using blues and grey-ish blues.


In alignment with the proffesional, simple, and easy to understand look/feel, we opted for a clean Sans-serif font.


With the project being a B2B SaaS, we opted for a 2 page website to breakdown the core features/benefits on the homepage, and then the pricing/faq on a separate page.


The copy really focused on the frustrations the target market experience, and demonstrating how Haste alleviates those pains with its new approach to a required practice.


The homepage combined a number of aspects, from a quick overview video to demonstrate the tool itself, to a more detailed breakdown of adopting an asynchronous approach to user interviews compared to the standard approach. The aim of the page was to educate visitors on this new method, how Haste supports it, and to encourage them to try for free.

Web Application

The web application acts as a portal to create interviews, record questions, and store answers from users. The priroty here was keeping things simple by using a design they’re familiar with, as we don’t want to overwhelm users what with them already learning a new process in async interviews.


To ensure we catered to businesses we prioritised a user/password sign in approach.


The hub of the application acts as a way to quickly navigate to more detailed screens, but to also provide users with a glance of any new activity, making it easy for users to login and quickly check any updates.


Users can then open up their dedicated interviews tab where interviews are stored and organised in an easy to navigate folder and thumbnail like system.

Create Interview

As this was a new process of users we included a detailed step by step onboarding as to educate users and ensure they got the most out of the tool.

Name Interview

Record Questions

Interview Responses

Once users had shared their unique interview URL with their own users, all responses were collected within that interviews folder. Responses for users were not limited to video, as users were able to provide voice recorded feedback if they found that to be more comfortable.

Interview Response Overlay


Finally, a simple settings page was added to store user account information.


Although the platform had an easy to navigate design, helping users onboard and get the most out of the tool, most of the work required came down to the functionality of recording and saving multi-step user feedback in video/audio format. Haste was a fantastic project to build, and one that solved a real frustration.