Etsy image tracking software for sellers.


The founders were frustrated with their Etsy images being stolen and used by other sellers illegally. With Etsy doing little to help they wanted to learn if other Etsy sellers were experiencing the same problem, and whether their solution to the problem was feasible. We created the brand, landing page, and mockups which were used to validate demand and speak to their target market. They were able to speak to hundreds of other sellers, confirming that this problem existed and that their market were willing to pay for it. However, they also realised that the solution they had in mind would not be possible due to the limitations of Etsy as a platform, as well as the complexities of the legal system. By building a prototype to validate their idea they saved themselves countless hours and capital.


Software Development


January 2023



What they said about our delivery

We have over 10,000 success stories, this is just what one had to say.

“Prototype testing was a success, now it’s time to build the real thing!”

Mala Mawkin

Founder, Estin


Landing Page